Riccardo Cotarella’s quality project

To stir emotions with a glass of wine. A fine wine. This mindset led to the creation of a project under the name of Riccardo Cotarella, currently the most well-known and respected winemaker in the world. Hand-picked grapes, restricted maximum load capacities, respect for agronomic standards, containment of production per hectare of land: these are just some of the key points of this project.
The collaboration with Riccardo Cotarella began with the 2019 grape harvest. The best and most suitable one hundred hectares in various areas of the Oltrepò Pavese have been used to begin this quality project which is helping increase the value of Oltrepò Pavese wine in the medium term. We have asked our shareholders to adopt a series of criteria regarding cultivation and delivery to the winery in order to create even finer wines. So we are setting the bar high. However, we are starting from a solid base, meaning very positive results have been locked away since the start of the winery’s new journey.

«The Oltrepò Pavese is a beautiful region bursting with potential, but which is still not being fully realised. We soon hope to see the fruits of our labour and enthusiasm flourish»

Riccardo Cotarella