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05/03/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Green manure, a technique to improve soil and the quality of the wine

BRONI - The Terre d’Oltrepò company is putting a technique into practice known as green manure to improve the soil at one of its shareholders’ vineyards on the Stradella hillside. Now more than ever, this company based in Broni is focusing on quality, starting from the vineyard.
“It’s definitely a technique that improves the soil", explained Marco Forlino, the vice-president of Terre d’Oltrepò, who has closely followed the work together with the agronomist Nicola Parisi. “It allows us to produce organic matter and therefore guarantees the fertility of the soil". It is an important job which reduces the use of chemicals. “Exactly", explained Mr Forlino happily. “This is the positive consequence of this technique, which significantly reduces the use of chemical fertilisers. This is the path we must follow at the vineyard. We believe in it here at Terre d’Oltrepò".
To explain it in a few words, it requires a special tractor to pass between the rows while a small seed drill plants several types of seeds which will bloom during spring and summer. “It’s a mix of grasses, crucifers and legumes", explained vice-president Forlino. “The latter guarantee a valuable supply of nitrogen for the soil. Then we also shouldn’t forget about the natural side of green manure. Sowing plants that will bloom at key times in the season means guaranteeing vitality for the varied world of insects that help the vines. Even though green manure is a technique to improve soil, agri-environmental measure number 10 of the Region of Lombardy has not included this technique. At the same time, this measure allows winegrowers to claim €600 per hectare if they follow the restrictions established in Milan.
"We trust that the Region of Lombardy will work with us here", explained Mr Forlino, "and include this technique in this regulation because we’re convinced that it helps vineyards produce high-quality wine without the use of chemical products".