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18/06/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Terre d’Oltrepò gets ready for the 2019 harvest. Mr Giorgi: "we’re focusing on quality"

BRONI - The wine-making giant, Terre d’Oltrepò, the first cooperative winery in Lombardy, is charting a course for the 2019 harvest. President Andrea Giorgi has just assessed the situation with the manager, Marco Stenico, the vice-president, Marco Forlino, the winemakers, Pietro Dilernia, Marco Rossi and Alberto Servetti, and with the heads of the shareholder and quality offices. This joint course saw the entire TDO management united in outlining the operations for the next grape harvest. "We’ve planned", explained president Andrea Giorgi, "this important time of the working season as we’ve laid the foundations for the work which will add quality to our wines. We’re increasingly convinced that even a large cooperative winery like ours definitely has to work in this direction, just like we’ve already been doing from the start of our mandate and as we’ve proven with the Testarossa by La Versa". Several key steps have been established and the ripening curve technique has also been perfected with the Universities of Piacenza and Milan and with the supervision of our in-house agronomists. This is used to identify when the grapes are at their exact peak in terms of quality. "The recent meeting jointly set up with Mr Stenico and the winery’s technical side", explained president Giorgi, "allowed us to identify certain goalposts to work within for the grape harvest. The steps identified will allow us to select the best grapes when they arrive at the winery, to adequately meet wine-making times, to cause the least amount of inconvenience to our shareholders and therefore to guarantee a more regimented influx of products to the company. All this is done to ensure quality, which is now our number one goal. Mr Stenico is also working out the amounts of wine to be produced depending on the market, another essential step which allows us to adapt to sales trends". Andrea Giorgi is also focusing on the world of shareholders, with about 700 all across the Oltrepò Pavese. "They’re our cornerstone", explained the winery’s top boss, "and we turn to them with a policy that wants to help our cooperative members because they, more than anyone, believe in our industrial plan, which is helping Terre d’Oltrepò to achieve significant results in terms of sales and critical reviews".