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04/07/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Terre d’Oltrepò wines by Riccardo Cotarella

The famous Italian winemaker joins this Oltrepò Pavese winery. President Giorgi: "A man of real quality"

BRONI - The Terre d’Oltrepò winery in Broni (Pavia), the largest company in Lombardy in terms of volume produced, has turned the page once and for all. It is focusing everything on improving the quality of its wines. This path has already been undertaken in recent years with the new management, which will be increased with Riccardo Cotarella’s consultancy. He will design major projects that are about to come to fruition, guaranteeing the highest quality for this Oltrepò Pavese winery. "We’re happy with this agreement", explained the president of Terre d’Oltrepò, Andrea Giorgi, "Mr Cotarella is the right person for this company to step it up a gear. He’ll work together with our qualified staff of winemakers and agronomists and will support them by offering his vast professional experience. We’ve already identified several priorities and, above all, we’ve set up projects that aim to improve the already excellent quality of our products. His experience offered to our winery will provide the added value for the production side because we’re convinced, now more than ever, that even a large cooperative winery like ours can produce quality".This essential change of pace sought by management follows a new development model started with the presidency of Andrea Giorgi. With Mr Cotarella’s arrival, Terre d’Oltrepò will improve its relaunch process based on two pillars: product quality and vineyard sustainability. Riccardo Cotarella is one of the most well-known and respected winemakers in Italy. His consultancy is sought after by many companies, in Italy and abroad. Thanks to his years of experience, great professionalism, knowledge of the regions and ability to interpret them, he can create fine, elegant wines.
Mr Cotarella has already arrived at the winery in the last few hours to take stock of the current situation. He has inspected the wineries and has also made arrangements to inspect the vineyard. "He’ll work in close contact with our staff who are already working to a high level", explained the top boss at TDO. "We have several major projects in the pipeline, which we will plan together with him starting from the next grape harvest with the goal of improving the quality of our wine. Together with our winemakers and agronomist, we’ve inspected the vineyards because this is where the best grape varieties must be identified through a cautious, careful selection process. The winery will then do the rest, combining tradition and technology. Mr Cotarella’s arrival should be seen by our shareholders as an added value because they also have to play a key role in producing the best grapes. We believe that the future of this winery, which was in the balance before our arrival, is now clearly set out. Terre d’Oltrepò is once again becoming a benchmark in the world of Oltrepò Pavese wine, due to the hard work at the vineyard but also innovation, such as that brought by Riccardo Cotarella".