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02/08/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Massimo Sala, the new sales manager of Terre d’Oltrepò and La Versa. While Alberto Servetti will handle bulk wine

BRONI - The new Sales Manager of Terre d’Oltrepò and La Versa has just taken up his role. He replaces Marco Stenico, who had to leave his role purely due to family reasons. The new Sales Manager is Massimo Sala, with 32 years’ experience in the wine-making sector, including prestigious roles at major wineries in the Veneto and in Piedmont. "We’d like to thank Marco Stenico for the important work he’s done, having had to stand down due to family issues", explained the president of Terre d’Oltrepò and La Versa, Andrea Giorgi. "At the same time, we’re proud that Massimo Sala, a highly qualified individual in this sector, has accepted our invitation to work with us. This is a strategic time for our companies now more than ever and the wineries need an extra boost which Mr Sala will be able to offer. He has vast experience in the horeca sector and comes from the Terre da Vino winery in Barolo, so a company with a similar structure to ours. We’re convinced now more than ever that he’s the right person for the role to produce the important numbers we’re also working on with the arrival of the world-renowned winemaker, Riccardo Cotarella". Massimo Sala has just taken up his role, analysing the company situation. He will handle Sales Management with a special focus on bottling and will obviously cover dealings with the horeca sector, large-scale retail and links with stores and wine shops. While the bulk wine sector will be run by Alberto Servetti, who has already been at the company for several months and will mainly handle this important part of the market. Massimo Sala began his career in this world 32 years ago, starting at the legendary Ramazzotti company in Milan. He then moved to the Veneto, where he worked with major wine-making companies involved with prosecco, such as the award-winning wineries Villa Sandi, La Gioiosa and Bortolomiol. He then switched to Piedmont where, up until a few days ago, he handled the Italian market for the Terre da Vino cooperative winery in Barolo. "I’m convinced that this company", explained Massimo Sala, "is an invaluable asset for the wine-making sector in Lombardy. Its figures and dynamic nature prove this. Our priority projects include restoring La Versa as one of the strongest wine brands in Italy and repositioning Terre d’Oltrepò on the market through operations targeting large-scale retail and the horeca channel. It will definitely be a stimulating challenge which I’ve accepted because I see an opportunity for growth, including for my career, at this great winery. I’d like to thank the company’s senior management for placing their trust in me and they’ve helped me understand the love for the region and its wines over the past few weeks. I immediately noticed the essence of the brands at the company, particularly La Versa, a brand which helped shape the history of Italian sparkling wines, but also all the projects shared with the shareholders who represent the backbone of this winery".The bulk wine branch will see Alberto Servetti as the manager, who has 15 years of experience in this sector behind him. Originally from Venice, he arrived at the company at the beginning of the year, having gained vast experience as a technician and in sales at Zonin. "We’ll intensify what we’ve done in recent months, i.e. our relationships with the world of bottling companies", explained Mr Servetti, "and we’d like to strengthen the high-quality bulk wine market, starting from the sparkling wine bases of Pinot Noir and Muscat and the most distinctive reds from the region. This work will be done with the utmost care and respect for the product". This change at the top also followed the arrival of the winemaker, Mr Cotarella. "Today, our company", explained Mr Giorgi, "needs a different pace and this is why we wanted to invest in two high-profile people such as Mr Cotarella, who will design a premium line, and Mr Sala, who will put his thirty years’ experience at the winery’s service to relaunch the La Versa brand and reposition TDO wines. It will not be an easy job, but we have clear ideas about how to do it and to succeed, we’re asking for the cooperation of our shareholders and the region".