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17/09/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Terre d’Oltrepò finishes the pinot harvest. Next up, the reds

President Giorgi: "We’ve processed 16 million kg of grapes. The quality is better and prospects look good in terms of profit"

BRONI - The Pinot harvest has ended; next up, Riesling and Muscat. We also begin with the red grapes this week due to the sudden progress of their ripening. It is the first positive result for the Terre d’Oltrepò winery, which processed over 16 million kg of grapes during this first part of the 2019 harvest.
This figure was confirmed by the president of this Lombardy wine-making giant, Andrea Giorgi, who reviewed the situation a few hours after the start of the Riesling harvest. "We’re satisfied with the result achieved", he explained. "The quantity of grapes processed has fallen, but the quality is definitely better. This situation, which is also expected to be the same for the other grapes, bodes well in terms of profit and for the quality of the product which they’ll produce. The Pinot chapter has drawn to a close; our experts will now focus on harvesting Riesling, Muscat and the red grapes. Our wineries are making a real effort due to the simultaneous pressing of different-quality grapes which are carefully assessed and processed".
The world-renowned winemaker, Riccardo Cotarella, also returned to the winery last week, who inspected and tasted the first wine samples. "Together with our qualified wine-making staff", explained Mr Giorgi, "Mr Cotarella analysed the bases for the sparkling wines and other wines, adjusting certain aspects that are sure to improve the quality of the final product. He’ll come back soon to test and see for himself the types of grapes coming in at the moment".
Mr Giorgi also expressed his satisfaction at how the first weeks of the harvest were run. "We’ve tried our utmost to limit the inconvenience to our cooperative members. The new company philosophy of respecting the product and dividing batches has inevitably slowed a few things down, but despite this, everything has gone smoothly", explained the winery’s top boss. "This aspect is important for protecting the incoming grapes. What’s more, all the product traceability and management systems at the winery have run as best as possible. This positive result should be shared with our staff who have been at the front line since mid-August, running this crucial time for the company as best they can. I’m convinced that the 2019 harvest will open a new chapter for our company as we have major projects in the pipeline that will allow us to make huge strides in terms of quality".