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14/10/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Terre d’Oltrepò processed 35 million kg of grapes this harvest

President Giorgi: "4,000 carts arrived and we checked over half of them. For better quality"

BRONI - The curtain is falling on the Terre d’Oltrepò 2019 grape harvest. The key word this year is quality, faced with a fall of about 33% compared with last season’s harvest. 4,000 carts arrived in total at the Broni production site and over half of them were meticulously checked using the Foss Analytics system. When they arrive, the winery can use this system to run a sort of detailed "x-ray" on the quality of the grapes provided by shareholders. In total, 35 million kg of fruit was processed. In the meantime, the world-renowned winemaker, Riccardo Cotarella, has now returned to the winery. Together with our staff, he inspected the very first wine samples, calling this vintage the "highest quality" and showing his satisfaction with the work carried out recently by the shareholders who have followed the winery’s Quality Project.
"We’re on the right path", explained the president of TDO, Andrea Giorgi, without mincing his words. "The quality of the grapes has improved and our high-tech checks upon arrival have allowed us to create a detailed snapshot of what the shareholders have given us. I think this step is a major turning point for the winery and, at the same time, our shareholders must really understand that we’ve taken this path. Our investments and economic efforts must follow this strategy, which will lead us to produce increasingly high-end wines". President Giorgi then went into detail about the adopted strategy. "Our position on the market has improved by trying to focus on the values of quality, sustainability, modernisation, respect and reputation. These are the levers which we think are best for generating greater returns for shareholders", explained the top boss at TDO. "We think we have to promote our products better by making greater headway into sectors where the margins are higher. It’s a very clear strategy which meets our shareholders’ needs for profit. At the same time, they have to understand this effort which is allowing us to operate on the market with high-end products. Now more than ever, this winery has to forget the past, scandals have to remain a distant, faded memory because we now have clear, precise ideas about where we have to go. And how we get there".
Finally, president Giorgi also got something off his chest. "We’re the first ones to have run meticulous checks on incoming grapes using technologies which we will further implement", he explained, "and we then strived to support those from competent bodies. I hope these inspections aimed at protecting the grapes and, therefore, the final wine have been implemented by everyone across the board and not only by people who, like us, always have someone watching them".