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13/12/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Terre d’Oltrepò, a project in the vineyard to tackle environmental challenges

According to the agronomist, Nicola Parisi: "We have to guarantee quality standards while mitigating climate change".

A project is under way aiming to tackle the environmental challenges which the Planet is posing to the world of wine-growing. A work plan starting from this philosophy will involve the Terre d’Oltrepò shareholders, the largest winery in Lombardy. The group’s senior management, together with the technical division formed by agronomists and oenologists, are currently contacting the shareholders of this wine-making giant to launch a project that will take place during the next agricultural season. "In recent years", said Nicola Parisi, an agronomist at Terre d’Oltrepò, "we’ve been seeing the effects of climate change, which has now been proven by scientists, influencing the wine-growing business, sometimes also favourably, as well as the characteristics of our products. In particular, climate change means we have to adapt growing techniques at the vineyard so we can tackle lower water supplies, excessive exposure to heat and light by the grapes, and different ripening and harvesting times". With this in mind, a project is being developed that aims to address these changes while guaranteeing economic sustainability for wine-growers. "Terre d’Oltrepò", explained the president, Andrea Giorgi, "intends to develop study, experimentation and demonstration projects while adopting strategies, management approaches and agronomic practices aimed at identifying the best solutions that can tackle environmental challenges and mitigate the effects of climate change, while upholding the usual high quality standards of our wines and guaranteeing economic sustainability for our business". This winery from the Oltrepò Pavese has asked for its wine-growers’ cooperation to formally establish the best operations in this field. "Terre d’Oltrepò", added Mr Parisi, "has recently sent out a questionnaire to its members to gather preliminary information on soil and vineyard management techniques. We’ll start to establish the project in detail based on this information. In this regard, a collaboration is under way with Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Piacenza campus), in particular, the Department of Sustainable Crop Production (DI.PRO.VE.S.), as well as with the University of Pavia, thanks to the agreements with the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and, last but not least, with the University of Milan".