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14/01/2020 - PRESS RELEASE

La Versa signs an agreement with Francoli: 100 agents operating all across italy

President Giorgi: "It's a turning point for our business". Meanwhile, Terre d’Oltrepò acquires all the shares of the legendary winery from Cavit.

SANTA MARIA DELLA VERSA - An agreement has been signed between the legendary La Versa winery and Francoli Group, a leading company in distillation and wine marketing. The signature is now drying on the paper, the agreement having been made official at the headquarters of said winery from the Oltrepò Pavese. The contract was signed by Andrea Giorgi and Alessandro Francoli, presidents, respectively, of La Versa and Francoli. This group from Piedmont will handle the exclusive distribution of products from this winery in Santa Maria della Versa in the Horeca channel all across Italy. As agreed with La Versa, the Francoli company will put forward about one hundred sales agents who will be operational over the entire country. "It’s now been confirmed", explained Andrea Giorgi, president of La Versa, "that company policy has fundamentally changed since 2017, the year we took on our role, up to the present day. This agreement marks a turning point for the future of this company which, following the meeting set up for early February, will bring back part of the Oltrepò Pavese’s heritage with the acquisition by Terre d’Oltrepò of Cavit’s shares in the company. Francoli Group represents a new path; we’ve found added value in this agreement for our business, because we’re sure that we’re trusting ourselves in the hands of a leading company. This step represents a quantum shift, because it will give us widespread distribution of our products all across Italy with a sales force the like of which has never been seen before".

"It’s an honour", explained president Alessandro Francoli, "to collaborate with a winery that has helped shape the history of Italian sparkling wine. All the more so because this management team has been able to lift a brand that should be a beacon for the entire region out of a period of stagnation. We’re putting forward a sales force of about 100 agents who will be operational over the entire country. We’re convinced that we’ve taken the right path; all that’s left for us to do now is to work very hard". The agreement with Francoli Group was signed on the eve of Terre d’Oltrepo’s full acquisition of La Versa (the shareholders’ meeting is scheduled for the first ten days of February) and of the launch of the ten labels from the Riccardo Cotarella Selection. Created by prominent Italian winemaker Riccardo Cotarella, this selection was made with the grapes of those shareholders who have joined the Quality Project, and will only be released with the ‘La Versa’ label. 2020 will also see the début of the Cruasé and Blanc de Blanc Testarossa wines as well as the new Charmat wines (Pinot Nero, Riesling, Muscat and Rosé). "We’ve worked really hard", explained president Giorgi, "to mark our effective arrival on the market this year with the finest wines, such as our sparkling wines and the selection designed by Mr. Cotarella. We’ve made remarkable efforts in all sectors, and we’re convinced that the industrial plan which we’ve now set out will lead to economic growth and high-quality at the winery, and it will guarantee greater returns for shareholders. We’ve started a real revolution". The La Versa winery’s commitments include attending the Spumantitalia event in Pescara, from 24th to 26th January, where the brand will rub shoulders with major Italian sparkling wine brands in a series of tasting sessions. The winery has then been invited as a guest to Wine Paris, from 10th to 12th February, in a masterclass reserved for the big players.