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23/01/2020 - PRESS RELEASE

Mr. Giorgi, president of Terre d’Oltrepò, on the wine scandal: "We dug ourselves out of a similar situation once before by advancing concrete projects"

The top boss adds: "You need courage and the knowledge that you can work by producing quality".

BRONI - "Unfortunately, Oltrepò Pavese has once again dug itself into a big hole. However, this should not dishearten the many companies that are doing good work for the region". These were the words of the president of La Versa and Terre d’Oltrepò, Andrea Giorgi, on the investigation involving the cooperative winery of Canneto Pavese.
"Of course", explained Mr. Giorgi, "these news stories definitely don’t bring any benefit to the image of a region like Oltrepò Pavese which is trying to look beyond this and set the tone to move forward. However, these situations must not discourage all those producers who, instead, really want to show that the region and their wine is making a big recovery. People who are putting in the hard work at the vineyard and in the winery to ensure that Oltrepò Pavese is not just a region hit by scandals". Alluding also to Terre d’Oltrepò’s legal past, president Giorgi clarified that "you can bounce back from these dramatic situations, giving input to new industrial plans and leaving behind a history of investigations and lawyers. We’re a prime example of this. The current management rolled up their sleeves and, without ever denying what happened, looked to the future with new business prospects for the winery, with projects aimed at improving quality and profitability for shareholders. To such an extent that since 2017, the year we arrived, there have been many steps forward, starting from the acquisition and subsequent relaunch of the legendary La Versa winery; from the repositioning of our products on the domestic market, which were entrusted to world-class groups. Not to mention the quality project we’re running together with winemaker Riccardo Cotarella. A large cooperative winery like ours, which is capable of uniting a business network of over six hundred shareholders, can and must produce quality. We’re proving this with positive results. I’m sorry to see that cooperative wineries are currently the real bane of this region. But I have to say that if someone has done or might do something wrong, it’s up to the law courts to decide, and rightfully so. Pointing the finger at everything and everyone hurts the pride of those who are working hard to develop clean, healthy projects. I’m convinced that what has happened recently must, first and foremost, make people think and then spur them on to change course for our region and the wine market".