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10/03/2020 - PRESS RELEASE

Measures for the coronavirus emergency. Orders are being shipped with special promotions to avoid contact

President Giorgi: “A viral communication campaign has been created to promote outstanding Italian products”

BRONI - “It is a full-blown emergency. Not just for our health. This situation will have repercussions across the board and our industry will also suffer major setbacks. That said, our winery is also taking steps to limit contact among customers and workers and to promote targeted communication campaigns to help relaunch the sector”. These were the words of Andrea Giorgi, the president of Terre d’Oltrepò and La Versa, as he analysed the repercussions of the Coronavirus on the wine industry. “We please ask our customers (restaurateurs, wine shops and connoisseurs) to stay at home and not to come and see us at the winery”, explained the top boss. “It is absolutely imperative that they follow the Government’s guidelines, just like the rest of us. If you need bottled wine, you can simply call the winery and any orders will be shipped with special promotions to compensate for any inconvenience. As stressed several times recently by the authorities, goods can travel freely. If you need bulk wine, you can get some, at fixed quotas, from the winery in Broni and in Casteggio, taking all the precautions which we have adopted to protect customers and staff. We therefore ask you to limit your travel. Nowadays, we can do everything with modern means of communication, shipping any orders to your venue or home. Furthermore, a few weeks ago, we adapted the La Versa website to handle e-commerce for wine lovers, so all our products can be purchased on a special platform”. 

In the meantime, the Terre d’Oltrepò winery and La Versa have created a viral communication campaign to promote Italian products coining the hashtag #weloveitaly. “We’re convinced”, explained Mr Giorgi, “that Italy shows real excellence in all respects and it will undoubtedly come out of this emergency, including in terms of its economy. It will be very difficult, but we’ll do it thanks to everyone’s help. We will therefore produce poignant viral videos every week that aim to promote Italian excellence as a means of prosperity for everyone. By showcasing our winery’s products and iconic images of our Oltrepò Pavese region, as well as the varieties that have made this land great, the videos aim to encourage people to buy Italian products, which are healthy and high-quality regardless of any emergency we’re going through”. The videos will be published on the Terre d’Oltrepò and La Versa Facebook and Instagram pages, as already happened at the weekend. In just a few hours, the videos had thousands of interactions, going viral in the blink of an eye.