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15/05/2020 - PRESS RELEASE

La Versa, the wines by winemaker Riccardo Cotarella hit the horeca market

Seven types that embody the wine-making tradition of the Oltrepò Pavese region

President Andrea Giorgi: “It’s a historic turning point”. Riccardo Cotarella: “It’s all about teamwork”

La Versa, a centuries-old winery from the Oltrepò Pavese region, which merged at the beginning of 2020 with the giant Terre d’Oltrepò (a company with almost 700 shareholders), is looking to the future with clear ideas on the path to take in order to tackle the coronavirus emergency. At such a complicated time for the economy, this company from the Oltrepò Pavese region has effectively developed the final stage of its Quality Project by unveiling its high-end wines from the Cotarella selection.

President Andrea Giorgi, together with world-renowned winemaker Riccardo Cotarella, launched its new line of products including seven types of wines that embody wine-making in the Oltrepò Pavese region. They include the red Pinot Nero (the Selection’s flagship product), Riesling Renano, Bonarda, Buttafuoco, Barbera, Pinot Grigio and semi-sparkling Riesling. These wines will obviously be reserved for the Horeca channel.

“This is a turning point for our winery” explained president Andrea Giorgi, “because the long-awaited wines from the Quality Project have hit the market. We have shared this journey with Mr. Cotarella, who embraced our proposal right from the outset, following us step by step from the countryside to the winery. Finally, after many months of work, we can savour the fruits of our labour. A key role in this process was played by our cooperative members, who emphatically welcomed this structured company project. These wines have been created from our farmers’ passion for the vineyard and respect for the region, and from the combined efforts between our winemakers and all the winery’s departments. We can now finally say that we’ve achieved our goal: to put new high-end products on the market that mark a turning point for our illustrious company. A company that, bear in mind, was on the brink of collapse just three years ago, before we took over the brand.

Mr. Cotarella, the famous winemaker, was also satisfied, having carefully monitored the entire production chain for the wines that bear his important label. “We’ve reached the end of a journey” he explained “the end of a project which the winery worked tirelessly to develop, and which it took on-board straight away thanks to the investment, not just financial, of the management team and the huge commitment of its many shareholders who embraced the idea. Little could have been done without their help, which I think was essential. These wines are proof that, when already set up at the vineyard, you can produce quality as markets are increasingly demanding. They’re high-profile products and the flagship wine is definitely the red Pinot Nero, which the Versa valley has nurtured”.

Having already been on the market for a few days, these wines are exclusively intended for the Horeca channel. “This moment marks a completely new page for the winery featuring outstanding wines” explained president Andrea Giorgi. “The products are beyond our expectations in terms of quality and I think the red Pinot Nero, in particular, will be the flagship for the future of our company and perhaps our region too”. With the selection now unveiled, what will the future of the Quality Project be like? The top boss, Mr. Giorgi, was clear: “In light of these satisfactory results, we intend to stay on this path with greater commitment and passion just like we’re doing, have done and will continue to do. I’d like to thank winemaker Riccardo Cotarella, who has once again proven himself to be a top-level professional: attentive, meticulous and a great motivator. Alongside our shareholders, another huge “thank you” goes to our winemakers, who perfectly grasped the meaning of this project, and to all the winery’s employees, who took this turning point to heart. Together with our classic production of sparkling wines, these new wines will allow us to tackle dreadful market scenarios, like the current one with COVID-19, head-on and safe in the knowledge that we have an extra ace up our sleeve, a high-quality product to release onto the market”.