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09/05/2019 - PRESS RELEASE

Oltrepò’s goals: quality, pinot noir and communication

BRONI - There are three basic "rules" for the president of international winemakers, Riccardo Cotarella, to relaunch the Oltrepò Pavese. "You need to focus on quality, Pinot Noir and communication", with these words, this winemaker opened his speech at the conference held on Tuesday 7th May at Teatro Carbonetti in Broni. This conference entitled "...secondo la propria specie. La viticoltura che vogliamo" (... according to their kinds. The wine growing we want) was attended by many experts in the sector, regional producers and wine lovers. The event was organised by the Municipality of Broni with the technical support of the Terre d’Oltrepò winery. The goal of the conference was to get people to reflect on the prospects of sustainable development for wine growing in the Oltrepò Pavese. "I’m convinced", confirmed Mr Cotarella, "that, alongside product quality, at the vineyard and in the bottle, the region must focus on its main grape variety, Pinot Noir, also by using the technology available. This must be the starting point for the relaunch of an important region like the Oltrepò in terms of wine growing, which also must be able to talk about itself in terms of external communication". The Mayor of Broni, Antonio Riviezzi, was there to speak on behalf of the Municipality. "The Oltrepò Pavese has long associated its social and economic identity with winemaking: this sector has not only driven the area’s economy for decades, but it has also established a heritage of tangible and intangible local resources that can now be used to enhance the development of the entire region", explained the Mayor of Broni, Antonio Riviezzi. "Cooperative wineries like Terre d’Oltrepò are part of a heritage of long-established social and economic relationships which form the basis for development in the sector: they’re an essential reference point when tackling important issues such as promotion and growth". "This is the start of a journey with an evocative and provocative title, even reflected in sacred texts", explained the president of Terre d’Oltrepò, Andrea Giorgi, "which we want to use to highlight the problems and issues of our region and beyond, since wine growing is part of our whole country’s heritage. Prominent figures will take part and discuss problems such as sustainability and the use of tools to achieve sustainability at the vineyard and for the final product. It will obviously pay special attention to the Oltrepò Pavese which, now more than ever, must address these issues that will also help improve product quality".