Ambassadors for the region

The wines that describe a region


Making wine is Terre d’Oltrepò’s mission. How we work starts from this concept. We believe that a cooperative winery must be a wine-making, historical and social benchmark. We believe that the Oltrepò Pavese is a real asset to be protected and promoted through its wines, which can express the essence of the terroir. We understand that protecting our land is something we must do to pass on to new generations the future of a strenuous yet fascinating job such as that of wine growing. But we are also aware that we have a social role because the backbone of our company is its shareholders. They are the indisputable linchpin of the wine-growing tradition, which has served as this region’s financial backbone for centuries. Terre d’Oltrepò is all this. A winery that embraces its region and loves people who appreciate its wine.



A young company with ancient roots

Terre d’Oltrepò was founded on 1 July 2008 following the merger between Cantina Sociale Intercomunale in Broni established in 1960 and Cantina di Casteggio set up in 1907. These two long-standing wineries made a very clear choice: to look to the future by getting back into the game under the Terre d’Oltrepò main brand. A company which now passes on their traditions and history. This merger created the biggest winery in all of the Oltrepò Pavese and in North-West Italy. Today, it is the largest cooperative winery in Lombardy with almost 700 shareholders and almost 4 million bottles made. In 2017, it acquired the La Versa brand, together with Cavit. This was a highly important acquisition for promoting and relaunching the entire Oltrepò Pavese region. Every “La Versa” product has a unique flavour, just like the history of this valley and its people.

A team of experts in the field


We believe we have an inextricable link with the region. We have a deep love for it because it is an integral part of our history. This respect is shown in every single thing we do, both at the vineyard and at the winery. We enjoy our surrounding nature safe in the knowledge that it must be protected. This philosophy is aligned with the effort which the winery puts in to improve its wines starting from how it manages the vineyard. A team of experts and agronomists look after the grapes, study their development and prevent any diseases. This is done through an ad hoc process to improve the quality of the end product. This mission is close to our hearts because we believe that passing on a healthy environment to future generations will improve their lives.

Our commitment to quality

Modernity helping the past

We are convinced that quality must find its roots in the vineyard. But there is more to it. Our wineries respect the grapes partly because our technology supports tradition. Modern tools, next-gen autoclaves and equipment that embrace the future are a major added value for making our wine. Of course, we cannot forget our winery’s tradition, but to be ready to meet market needs, we had to adapt to the present. The right mix allows us to be competitive because, for us, wine is history but also an asset.